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Sponsor Research

UC Davis offers a range of opportunities to connect our world-leading researchers and technologies with industry partners to drive innovation and economic impact. The university’s mission of discovering and disseminating knowledge creates an environment conducive to the creation of intellectual property for the benefit of society.

Foundation and Corporate Engagement staff will work with you to make connections within the university to best meet your research needs.

Types of Projects


GlobeWorld Leading Research

Research contracts define a scope of work carried out by university researchers with the option of access to resulting inventions and research results generated within the project scope and term.


crossClinical and Pre-Clinical Trials

Conduct trials of sponsor-owned drugs or devices using the sponsor's protocol, with the rights to results and often technology improvements accruing the sponsor



Gifts are irrevocable donations to general or specific areas of campus activity that carry no obligations for deliverables or rights to results. UC may provide a courtesy report to the sponsor indicating what was accomplished with the funds.


one arrow pointing up and one arrow pointing downFee-for-Service Activities

Fee-for-service activities extend UC Davis' infrastructure and expertise to business and industry. Services are provided to outside entities on a "no-profit/no-loss" basis when university expertise is critical for the execution of the technical work.

Working Together

Each industry-sponsored project is led by a Principal Investigator (PI) at the university who directs the research, shapes the resulting technology, and is responsible for the scientific coordination with the sponsoring company based upon the company’s needs, expectations and desired outcomes.

Confidentiality and intellectual property management are integral to any research interaction enabling our corporate research partners to commercialize the resulting technology. University policy and guidelines frame our collaborations with industry and obligations to the university in these interactions.

Getting Started

UC Davis’ Office of Foundation and Corporate Engagement (FCE) works with corporate and foundation partners, as well as university faculty and staff, to foster meaningful engagement with these external entities and to advance the university’s education, research and service mission.

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