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Develop Your Workforce

Engaging with Students

Today more than 35,000 of the brightest, most well-rounded and diverse students in the country are studying at UC Davis. Through our multidisciplinary training programs, we are preparing our students to be the next generation of innovative leaders in research, industry and society at large. There are many opportunities for companies large and small to engage with our student and alumni talent. These include:

Student Projects

If you’ve got challenges to tackle, we’ve got students who are eager to help find solutions to real problems. Funding a student project provides a low cost, low risk opportunity for your business to:

  • Develop fresh ideas and solve real-world problems
  • Identify talent for employment
  • Increase brand visibility on campus
  • Provide project management experience for junior staff
  • Network with other companies and UC Davis faculty
  • Identify future research projects
  • Participate in competitions and expos

Employee Education

In today’s business world, the need for a highly-skilled, knowledge-driven workforce is more important than ever. To help your workforce remain competitive, UC Davis offers opportunities for your executives and employees to remain at the forefront of their fields.

UC Davis offers educational options to fit your needs, from individual courses, certificates and advanced degrees, to customized programs. Below are links to programs within our schools and colleges that provide additional information.



Getting Started

UC Davis’ Office of Foundation and Corporate Engagement (FCE) works with corporate and foundation partners, as well as university faculty and staff, to foster meaningful engagement with these external entities and to advance the university’s education, research, and service mission.

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