student smiling in 3D printing lab

Move an Idea to Market

Forming a start-up company is a promising path to commercializing a new technology. One common model is for academic researchers to remain at the University and act in an advisory role to a start-up formed by an outside entrepreneur or investor. Occasionally, the academic researchers will leave the University to form a company themselves or join a company formed by others.

UC Davis Venture Catalyst is the starting point for guidance to faculty who want to start companies based upon their university research. The Venture Catalyst team can help evaluate the market opportunity, advise on strategies for commercial development of technology, and link faculty to legal and business development resources both inside and outside the university.

Venture Catalyst cannot start a company for faculty (or for others), but the UC Davis team has experience and knowledge to guide the process and to connect faculty with external entrepreneurs and business service providers that can provide this service. 

For a detailed discussion of the steps involved for a full-time Academic Senate faculty member making an invention and participating in the formation of a startup company, see Faculty Roadmap for a Startup Company.