Proposal Development

The strongest funding proposals are built on preparation, execution and careful adherence to the submission guidelines. The Office of Foundation and Corporate Engagement aims to manage your expectations about submission success and place your proposal in the best position to succeed.

Preparing and reviewing grant proposals is a labor-intensive and time-consuming process for you – the applicant – and the funder. For that reason, many foundations ask for a Letter of Inquiry (LOI) first, which allows the foundation to quickly evaluate whether a project is a fit with its funding priorities.

An effective LOI is often more difficult to write than a full proposal. The LOI should be brief, no more than three pages, and must be a succinct but thorough presentation of the need, proposed solution, and the PI’s qualifications to implement the solution.

Follow the links below for LOI and proposal instructions, samples and templates:

Getting Started

UC Davis’ Office of Foundation and Corporate Engagement (FCE) works with corporate and foundation partners, as well as university faculty and staff, to foster meaningful engagement with these external entities and to advance the university’s education, research and service mission.

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