Corporate Affiliate Programs

Corporate Affiliates Partnership Programs (CAPP) provide a mechanism for the university, industry and public partners to work together to support basic and application-driven research and development. This program enables tiered levels of engagement with university research, ranging from pre-competitive consortia to sponsored research with the objective of generating commercially-directed inventions and intellectual property for the benefit of the corporate partner. The program also provides an opportunity for university researchers to better understand and appreciate the needs of industry and integrate this knowledge to enrich their teaching and research.

While each program has its own unique membership structure and partner benefits, consistent emphasis is provided by the university on close, effective communication between member companies and faculty, staff, and students within the program.

Available Programs

UC Davis offers several different corporate affiliate programs, including the following:


New corporate affiliate partnership programs are coordinated with the Office of Research. Additional information is available here.

Getting Started

UC Davis’ Office of Foundation and Corporate Engagement (FCE) works with corporate and foundation partners, as well as university faculty and staff, to foster meaningful engagement with these external entities and to advance the university’s education, research and service mission.

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