Agreements with UC Davis

We encourage engagement and research support from commercial entities that align with the university’s mission of research, teaching and public service. Company funding for research projects can generate benefit for the researcher, the company and society.

Companies often fund research projects anticipating that new inventions and technologies will emerge. The research agreement affords the sponsor rights to prospective intellectual property made by university personnel during the sponsored research, i.e., preferential rights to negotiate a commercial license agreement.

A license agreement provides the company with a right to certain aspects of an invention, including the acts of making, using or selling products or services enabled by the invention.

Types of Agreements


Working Together

Though collaboration is often initiated by conversations between industry researchers and university faculty or research staff, authority to solicit, negotiate, and execute agreements involving research on behalf of The Regents of the University of California rests with specific campus designees.

Master Agreements are utilized when corporate partners anticipate entering into multiple research arrangements with the university, some of which may run concurrently. The Master Agreement addresses the general terms and conditions that are expected to apply to all current and future projects sponsored under the agreement.

Getting Started

UC Davis’ Office of Foundation and Corporate Engagement (FCE) works with corporate and foundation partners, as well as university faculty and staff, to foster meaningful engagement with these external entities and to advance the university’s education, research and service mission.

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